Fairy tales, myths and symbols. Humans and their stories

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Fairy tales, myths and legends tell of fantastic worlds and courageous heroes. For thousands of years they have been passed down from generation to generation. But what effect do these stories have on us? Why do they fascinate us? With the exhibition “Fairy tales, myths and symbols. Humans and their stories”, MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach shows that many of the symbols and stories that are part of our lives today are actually thousands of years old.

What was the meaning of the apple in ancient stories and what connects it to Snow White? Where does the idea of dragons and fantasy creatures come from and why is it still so popular? The images and symbols used in Hollywood movies today often have a long history. The hero’s journey is a story that is often told. The ancient hero Heracles had to complete twelve tasks to ascend to Mount Olympus, but George Lucas also sent Luke Skywalker on a journey to restore balance to the galaxy in the Star Wars saga. What do both of them and the many other heroes have in common?

With this exhibition, MAMUZ is going on the trail of narrative and pictorial traditions and showing what is inherent in all stories and how symbols and stories have changed over time. Discover these stories in a fascinating exhibition!

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