Bows: Archaeology. Reconstruction. Experiment

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The mounted warriors of the Scythians, Huns, Avars and Hungarians were feared for their fighting technique with bows and arrows. Their bows were made of wood, horn and bone, giving them tremendous power. However, if they are excavated today, there is little left over from it.

A group of Hungarian bowmakers took a closer look to the archaeological remains of the bows, arrows and quivers of the mounted warriors from 500 1600 AC. The exhibition shows historical finds from Austria and Hungary, experiments dealing with the materials, effects and impact of weapons, as well as the reconstruction of the individual elements - from the bows, the arrows to the quivers.

Special highlights of the exhibition are insights into the work of archaeologists: in one experiment, a bow was buried to test the transience of the materials. The results allow important conclusions to be drawn from original finds.

An exhibition in cooperation of MAMUZ, Zengő Nyìl Íjász Egyesület and Magyar Történelmi Íjásztártaság.

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